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Shira J. Stefanik knows that police suspicion is not proof.

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Drug Crimes, King County Washington

The State of Washington has become fairly lenient on charges of simple drug possession, but the government still cracks down on people accused of selling, manufacturing or distributing drugs. Depending on your criminal history and the seriousness of the criminal allegation, you could be looking at months in the county jail, or years in a state or federal prison. If the police have a warrant to search you, or your home, or your car, they will search you, or your home, or your car. Do not argue with the cops or talk to them. Call me. I have litigated countless cases with warrants and I have convinced judges that warrants weren't valid. If you have already been charged, and may have already spoken with the cops, a skilled Seattle drug defense lawyer can comb through the evidence and procedures for technical defenses, make sure that your rights were not violated, and hold the police accountable for their mistakes, blunders, or untruths.  A raid or a bust is not hopeless if you have a skilled Seattle drug lawyer. Call my office and talk to me instead. We will figure out together whether you talking to the cops is a good idea.

Asset Forfeiture In Seattle, Washington

If you are accused of selling, manufacturing or distributing illegal drugs, law enforcement will often times seize your property and try to keep it under a process called asset forfeiture. Asset forfeiture is a civil proceeding that the government uses to try to take property they think you obtained with illegal money. Prosecutors will take your cars, your cash, your bank accounts, electronics, clothing, and even the title to your house if they think you cannot prove that the money you used to buy these things was clean. Asset forfeiture has several deadlines that you have to meet, so you need an experienced Seattle forfeiture lawyer. Call us as soon as you are busted so we can help you keep your property.